Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shootings at Gurgaon a Revisit

It was very shocking to read that a student could resort to this to settle one’s enmity. This is the culmination of 3 factors and in my opinion the student is not to be blamed at all. The people to be blamed are moving scot-free. The 3 factors are illustrated as below in increasing order of their relevance:

Factor 1: It was highly injudicious of the parents to keep arms within the reach of their children. There must be some information which must be concealed from children for their own benefit. ..

Factor 2: The complete negligence on the part of the faculty and authorities in the school. A situation like this requires intervention of the class teachers or the authorities immediately as they are morally responsible for the child’s safety and overall grooming of their character in their formative years. The consequences of a quarrel cannot be judged till it completes. So it was highly imprudent on the authorities to claim that it was a small misunderstanding. All sorts of quarrels which are brought to light of the authorities must be nipped at the bud.

Factor 3: This is the most important factor which I feel is not brought up is because the people providing us the news are the culprits. The media is a huge culprit since they broadcast news from other countries where such incidents happen in prime slots where the children get influenced very easily. The kind of post incident analysis and the repeated clips being played gets registered in the mind of the child and the parents aren’t even aware of it. News like this becomes headlines and channels air this for hours together trying to boost their TRP not knowing that their own children are being affected subconsciously by their action. Time has come when the media stands up and recognize the effect of their content.

Blaming the western culture has become the most ubiquitous thing. We never fail to criticize the negative effects of their culture on us and very easily omit the positive effects they have brought about. Lets be frank to ourselves we cannot shun the western culture entirely. Its time we stop blaming others and take stock of the situation, recognize prune the areas which we feel are ill in the society to bring about an emerging culture.

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