Monday, July 21, 2008

'GURU' is a well directed mockery of The Judiciary

The "biopic" GURU was a very well directed film and excellent performances came from all quarters. But the director claims it wasn't a biopic. So it means he need not have portrayed the wrong things in the reel life which people tend to emulate in real. There were few controversial Incidents in the movie which can pass the wrong meaning to its viewers. There were 2 things which the censor board didn't take into account, the glorification of Dowry and the wrong portrayal of the judiciary.

The movie portrayed the lead actor marrying the lead actress only because of dowry and without any other reason. Isn't this a direct example of what the audiences with the wrong motive may take and claim when the educated can practice this why can't we?

It also portrayed that the lead actor has committed a lot of financial crimes and he gets away with an emotional speech which the judiciary feels is right and acquits him. The lead actor is portrayed as a hero for performing financial scams.

I personally feel it's the directors' responsibility to convey the story (when not a biopic) in a manner which does not promote anti-social and anti-nationalistic incidents and the public mapping their crimes to the "hero's" of yester years.


The Nuclear deal has been portrayed as an Unclear deal. Are we trying to question the commitment or the judgement power of the country's economic liberator.
Its time the opposition understands that the contents of the nuclear safeguard deal cannot be made public and its are safe hands of a person who for once has put his foot down for the future of the nation. In addition the opposition must stop fighting over the past and not let the future let go through their hands. Lets pray that the religious shrine does not suffer a blackout due to lack of energy.They are responsible for the lives of over a billion people. For once us break the shackles of party, regional and communal divide and stand up for the nation.
Its time we support our Honorable Prime minister and back him to the hilt. The Members of parliament must not take their position based on party lines but rather on lines who elected them. We have elected 543 marvels of god and not a dozen of them. If they fail to exercise their right then who is he representing the people or the high command. Lets pray that prudence prevails.


It is high time that we as a global community stop carrying on pleasure trips and non consequential space mission. NASA states that a space craft burns two hundred and fifty thousand liters of fuel every minute during its launch. With the ever increasing pattern of the rich going on pleasure trips to space and aeronautical companies striving towards feasible business models in space travel, it is going to be tough to control this global warming accelerator.

It’s sad to see Indias man on the moon mission being pursued with such vigor as the country suffering from irregular weather patterns causing loss of life and property.

Its time that the world prioritizes its space program keeping in view the impact on mankind. We have made the mistake once it will be foolish to pursue space programs in the name of progressive science. There may be a day where we find a microbe millions of light years away but no one to appreciate it.

We as global citizens must make sure that we can have a sustainable environment and strive towards fulfilling the same.