Monday, July 21, 2008


The Nuclear deal has been portrayed as an Unclear deal. Are we trying to question the commitment or the judgement power of the country's economic liberator.
Its time the opposition understands that the contents of the nuclear safeguard deal cannot be made public and its are safe hands of a person who for once has put his foot down for the future of the nation. In addition the opposition must stop fighting over the past and not let the future let go through their hands. Lets pray that the religious shrine does not suffer a blackout due to lack of energy.They are responsible for the lives of over a billion people. For once us break the shackles of party, regional and communal divide and stand up for the nation.
Its time we support our Honorable Prime minister and back him to the hilt. The Members of parliament must not take their position based on party lines but rather on lines who elected them. We have elected 543 marvels of god and not a dozen of them. If they fail to exercise their right then who is he representing the people or the high command. Lets pray that prudence prevails.

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