Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Independence Day has reduced to a mere farce!!

Jammu and Kashmir Burns, Cash for votes, Death due to protests and today is Independence Day 15th August 2008. A day when the near and dear one of the dead grieve for the victims, a group of black heart representatives of the democratic republic of India make merry by breaching the trust of the people and rotting the country from within.Is this what we broke the shackles of the British for? People in every corner of the country have a tear in their eye out of daily problems rather than have the sole tear when the national anthem plays.
We take pride in the golden bullet but one cannot ignore the thousands of bullets that has turned Paradise on earth to the uncontrolled inferno. Has the interpretation of the opening page of the constitution been misinterpreted.
We are a Sovereign country where the people representatives claim their share before their voters get a glimpse.Where Socialism is represented by a pseudo-representative constituting a new class of capitalist.Democracy has been taken for granted where its been interpreted in more than one way from freedom to lynch to freedom to rioting.Though India is a not a Republic by its true sense but its been implemented in a subtle way to gather the popular franchise and help to ruin Secular nature. Who says the when the British left they took "Divide and Rule" back with them. Our politicians are a ardent followers of that principle.
Justice has been the elusive commodity in the country where the speed has become proportional to the amount of media coverage. Liberty of thought and expression to instigate communities and their emotions, the instigator stay back in a Air Conditioned police van to return back to one place of residence in 3 hours. Equality of status determined by birth and not by needs. Fraternity assuring dignity of the individual which may be implemented in another 5 year plan.
So do we celebrate Independence or stare at the dark future which India is spiraling into if unabated.

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