Sunday, November 30, 2008


The extremist groups are openly mocking our law and order system as we just look on. Its time we address the issue from a different perspective. Trying to catch the people who have taken lives and emotions of people for granted is a small step in curbing the menace. 

My sympathy lies entirely with the country's police force who are trying to probe in the dark to find the source of darkness. The people with whom they are dealing are mentally brainwashed and their life is now a mere  resource. We must deal not with the culprits but their masters. Access to their masters is a political/International issue. Hence we must protect our public from being brainwashed.

The communities both the Hindu and Muslim leaders (not the politically affiliated ones) must take the initiative in trying to spread harmony among their group and spread the value of life. Its only steps like these which can stop these attacks.

In addition the government must go ahead and sponsor inter communal documentaries to stop the spread of communal hatred which might stem out of this current situation.

Only steps like this can ensure a safe country.

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Yasub Jiruwala said...

excellent.... i absolutely agree with you..... no religion promotes violence.... its the misinterpreters of religion who do that..... remove the misinterpeters... remove the problem....